[2011] Manifesto: Holstee’s Do What You Love

Holstee Manifesto

I’ve been mulling over manifestos recently. There’s such power in stringing together a page of words to embody the values and the spirit of your business – whatever that may be…

Where to even begin?

Well, this manifesto by Holstee, a hip-in-the-best-way product design studio, hits it perfectly. Their manifesto (now available on posters + notecards + mugs) is a testament to the people behind the business – and an inspiration to their customers.

. . . . .

Have you written a manifesto for yourself or your business? What was your process for writing and exploring it?



[2011] Challenge of Creative Doing

Image by Amir Kuckovic

The challenge of creative work is in the doing. It’s not finding the ideas, or selecting the best-possible photo/paragraph/project to display, or knowing the best way to share it. It’s not even knowing the technical tools to make it happen. You can master Photoshop or your new Canon 5D or that fancy Scrivener writing program or the new-to-you WordPress web platform — no problem. It’s not any of those details.

The true challenge is sitting down to make it happen.

It’s putting your fingers on the keyboard, clicking the shutter, creating the first mockup, pressing publish. The endless excuses are full of needs: for the right resources, enough funding, or time in the day. My personal favorite is the urgent need for more brainstorming. Oh, there is always the need for more brainstorms!

But it’s amazing what happens when we just start. Do it now. Get going already. Things fall into place: the resources come, a good-enough solution arrives, time expands. (Brilliantly, even brainstorming happens while we’re doing!)

So let’s meet the challenge. Push it forward. Click continue. Ship it out.

I’m challenging myself with this today — and I’m pressing publish to prove it.

. . . . .

I’d love to hear about what’s challenging you. What “needs” are stopping you from doing? How can you let go and make it happen? Say hello, or leave a comment below…


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[2011] Credo: Take Creative Chances

Take that next step – to the edge.

This past month of shifting + reflecting on my own web presence is pushing my edges. I’m opening up the space for myself, reconsidering what I offer, revising how I share my story, and discovering the opportunity to share more.

Take the chance – of saying no, of letting go, of saying YES THAT’S IT! Whatever it is for you, go there.

. . . . .

What’s one creative chance that you can take today? What’s that next step to push you further?


[2011] Olé Olé: Genius + Creativity

What is the nature of genius? And how do we, as business folks and creatives and world-movers, tap into that kind of genius on a moments whim?

In this inspiring TED talk , Elizabeth Gilbert dives into the nature of genius and its history. This is a must-must watch!

P.S. Seen it before? It’s worth watching again!

. . . . .

What’s your genius?

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[2011] Warm welcome + full gratitude

Welcome to the newly shifting and growing home of the Bright Studio online.

It’s been two years since I went from office work to make-my-own work… designing and writing and collaborating on the web. It’s been eye-opening and challenging and deep-down satisfying.

Today, two years into this new adventure, I’m reflecting back on where I’ve been – and I’m looking forward to how the next years will unfold.

So I’m opening up a new space here, for me and for you, to share more stories of my own inspirations and values and tips and lessons learned.

Thank you for stopping by – you’re welcome + invited to read, explore, and please say hello!

. . . . .

Where is your gratitude coming from today? What inspires your work?



Forever loving the white space.

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