How I rock project management (Basecamp Basecamp!)


The success of a website design studio relies on an efficient process. And I love a good collaborative process.

From client intake to design to development, your process needs to be streamlined and user-friendly. My process, which I’ve refined and refined over the years, relies on one key application.

And what is that not-so-secret special application, you may wonder?

Basecamp. Basecamp. Basecamp. It is the hub of my collaboration process and the key to my streamlined projects.

In my early days of collaborating with the Earthsite team, I learned the ins and outs of Basecamp. And I was hooked!

Today, I work with all of my clients in Basecamp. Some of my favorite functions are the To Do Lists and the Project Calendar – plus the File Sharing feature is so helpful to keep all shared assets in one place!

In future posts, I’m excited to share more about how I use Basecamp…


What about you? Do you have a project management application that you know and love? I am always eager to hear recommendations from other folks! What works for your system?

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