Use a hosting service that you love and trust


Your hosting service is like the owner of your website’s house. Choose a nice landlord.

Me? My “website landord” is solar-powered hosting from – a sustainable earth-friendly hosting company that I trust with my business and my money.

In the past, I’ve used BlueHost with ease – and I support clients in using other services like HostGator and the like. (Just never use GoDaddy!

The choice is yours. But do look into your options! The best feature is a good referral from a knowledgeable friend – but a quality cpanel and good pricing is important too!

So why AISO for me?

For me, I made the switch to AISO when I decided to match my online business with my values.

Their environmental vision spoke to the kind of businesses that I aspire to create and support. I’m also proud to have that little sun icon in my footer – this website is sun-powered!


What about you? How did you choose hosting? Are you stuck with a hosting service, but overwhelmed with how to switch? I love helping folks choose a good foundation for their websites – it’s a hidden but important elements of all websites.

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